PT File X for bpm’online

Add-on for enhanced online viewing and editing files, search and version control
Product description: 

PT File X for bpm’online is an add-on that extends the capabilities of file management including: full text search, file versioning, capability to view files in a mini preview window as well as in the neighboring browser tab and edit files directly in the system.

The document history function

Еnsures the access to current and previous document versions and track all document amendments.  An employee can delete any version of a document only if he has access rights.

‘Full-text search’ functionality

Is a tool to search documents by words and phrases. A high level of operational efficiency regardless a number of available documents is achieved by indexing each of a document during importing them into the system.

Preview mode*

Allows to instantly open a file in the same or a new window and view a document online without downloading it.

File editing functionality*

Eliminates a long download process of a document, its editing and following upload the modified version. You can work with a document online staying in the system.

* function works with Google Docs and OneDrive

Support conditions: 

Support is provided within the framework of the technical support packages of "Program Technologies". In case of an on-site deployment, a vendor ensures free transition to a new version. The transition is performed independently by a client or with the assistance of the developer on a fee basis. In case of cloud deployment, a vendor upgrades the client’s system for free, without guaranteeing the retention of working capability of the project settings, if any are present.

NOTE: The migration of project modifications within context of free transfer to a new version is not carried out.

Product compatibility

bpm'online sales
bpm'online service
bpm'online marketing
7.5 and up

PT File X for bpm’online – add-on to bpm’online that extends the system’s capabilities. In order to install the add-on, a minimum of one license is required.


PT File X cloud
$ 50
user / year
PT File X on-site
$ 80
/ user

Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.

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