PT Task Control for bpm’online

Task management and performance control
Product description: 

PT Task Control for bpm’online is the tool that allows users to increase efficiency and ensure transparency of tasks fulfillment in the company.

Users will always be aware of incoming tasks, able to ensure on-time tasks fulfillment, quickly get performance analytics, and identify employees who work not qualitatively enough.

Due to the capability of creating group tasks and setting hierarchical structure of activities, you will be able to decompose large blocks of work and reduce the time to fulfillment by involving more resources (assets).

The tool allows keeping track of the task rescheduling and has the possibility of their escalation. It helps to promptly identify possible risks and undertake measures to eliminate them.

With the help of mechanisms of alternative task fulfillment, the system allows users to prevent any downtime as well as possess accurate information regarding the task load (assigned tasks) of a specific employee at any time.

For prompt notification of users about new tasks and the tasks which due date expires we designed supplement “Informer for Windows”. These opportunities will be available for a user, even if at the time he is not in the system.

Support conditions: 

Support is provided within the framework of the technical support packages of "Program Technologies". In case of an on-site deployment, a vendor ensures free transition to a new version. The transition is performed independently by a client or with the assistance of the developer on a fee basis. In case of cloud deployment, a vendor upgrades the client’s system for free, without guaranteeing the retention of working capability of the project settings, if any are present.

NOTE: the migration of project modifications within context of free transfer to a new version is not carried out.

Product compatibility

bpm'online sales
bpm'online service
bpm'online marketing
7.4 and up

PT Task Control for bpm’online – add-on to bpm’online that extends the system’s capabilities. In order to install the add-on, minimum one license is required.


PT Task Control cloud
$ 50
user / year
PT Task Control on-site
$ 80
/ user

Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.

Program Technologies operates on the market since 2003 and is responsible for implementing business process automation projects, as well as the product development for bpm'online platform.