HRM for bpm’online

A system specifically developed for HR departments to automate their work with candidates and vacancies
Product description: 

Description of HRM for CRM

  • A complete history of work with vacancies
  • Detailed information recording on work done with vacancies from its posting to closing: description of a vacancy, requirements to a candidate
  • Applicant selection from a system database
  • Screening and downloading an applicant’s resume from a website

A complete history of interaction and detailed description of candidates

  • Management of candidates database: efficiently store and add new information
  • Work with candidates based on a pre-configured business process
  • Download a resume in the system
  • Assess applicants: send a test assignment, send notifications about the received assignments from candidates, load files with test assignments and their score in the system

Segmentation and analysis of data

  • Plan the company’s resources based on the analysis of quantitative indicators of vacancies in accordance with various parameters
  • Increase the staff productivity by implementing factual work methods with specific candidate groups
  • Distribute the workload among employees and control performance based on the task schedule
Support conditions: 

Response time is 8 working days, incident resolution is 24 hours. The request is issued by the bpm’online support team.

Product compatibility

bpm'online sales

HRM for bpm’online is add-on to the bpm’online system that extends the system’s capabilities. In order to install the software, a minimum of one license of bpm’online is required.


HRM for bpm’online Cloud
$ 30
user / year
HRM for bpm’online On-site
$ 50
/ user
* HRM for bpm’online Cloud
$ 60
user / year
* HRM for bpm’online On-site
$ 100
/ user

* In case of development of two connectors to job sites

Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.

About the developer

Business Technology is a company specialized in selecting and implementing CRM systems. The company’s staff are experts in development, distribution and deployment of the program for B2B sector.

The mission of Business Technology is to improve the efficiency of interaction between the stakeholders. The experts of Business Technology put all their efforts on the creation of solutions in the field of customer relationship management.

Based on the proven customer-oriented business practice, our experts create industry-tailored CRM systems for various industries. Our software products help users build high-quality and productive relationship with clients and partners, simplify business process management, organize customer services and automate contact centers.