Tourism powered by bpm’online

Handling tourist interests and requests, managing SMS marketing, and company’s financial flows
Product description: 

Bpm’online tourism is the tool to automate all processes of a tourism company. The configuration allows to efficiently manage all main tasks of tourist agencies: handling prospect clients, registering interests, processing all types of tours (groups, corporate, individual). The system enables the use of SMS marketing activities to notify clients about hot deals or preparation process. In addition, the product encompasses the tools to process financial operations.


Unlike a standard (traditional) card of a contact, the setup card of a “Tourist” contains more detailed information:

  • Passport data
  • Bonus cards. The bpm’online tourism contains already developed functionality of calculating bonuses based on a number of purchased tours
  • In the section “History”, a user can see the entire life cycle of a client in the company:
  • Detail “Activities” contains all information about the meetings, calls, and correspondence history with a client 
  • “Interest in the tour” – a list of initial requests for handling and selecting actual tours and offers
  • Documents and invoices
  • SMS – a list of all SMS marketing activities
  • Detail “Joint trips” allows for viewing with whom a client took a tour
  • Tours – all completed orders.

For a convenient set up of workspace and client segmentation by various parameters, a use can use a group tree.

Detail “Passport data”

Keep record of passport data of a client. All fields are manually filled in and dates are selected from a calendar.

Detail “Bonus cards”

Additional detail “bonus cards” contains information on clients’ bonuses, their status, and a discount size based on previously conducted trips. This detail allows for keeping record of discount card, earning points based on trips, and send notifications about losing points.

“Products” Section

The system allows you to create and keep a record based on specific services and products, as well as on the created tour packages. The section “Products” contain all list of tours (trips) and additional services of the company. Due to different product package offerings, a user can independently create tour packages with the detailed information on all components of service bundle.

“Interests in a trip” Section

The system can easily create an initial client’s request. It also keeps record of requests for tour calculation from a client.

The form “Interest” allows a user to write down all of the additional information on a client’s preferences:

  • A country, region and city
  • Hotel and food preferences   

In addition, a client can also select ready offers in the form of a tour package from the knowledge base “Products.” When a client is ready to formalize a deal, a new order can be created based on a client’s interest. In order to convert a request into an order, you just need to press the button “Create an order”. In addition, all initially recorded information in the “Interest” section automatically duplicated in the card “Tour”.

“Tours” Section

A list of all tours (or orders) is kept in this section. The details of a tour is maximally adapted to actual data of a client’s request. For instance, the detail “Tour details” a user can add the order parameters: a country, city, hotel, etc.

The section “Tours” contains information of all types of tours:

  • VIP
  • Individual
  • Group

Based on a tour card, the user can quickly create related documents such as the invoice or contract. All subordinate elements are stored in the history section.

“Operations” Section

 The “Operations” Section allows users to quickly evaluate a company’s financial situation. Not being considered as an accounting program, bpm’online tourism allows users to control and manage cash flow movements of the company:

  • Create financial operations based on the issued invoice and track information on receipts and expenditures, and budgeting of a company’s funds
  • The “Operations” section records full information about the operation: type, article, channels, etc.

A user can easily create a financial operation based on the invoice issued for a client.

“SMS” Section

To quickly notify clients about hot deals or an order preparation the system is integrated with the SMS-center. With the help of SMS a user can easily create a SMS-mail template and send it to earlier set-up target audience.

Support conditions: 

Response time is 8 working days, incident resolution is 24 hours. The request is issued by the bpm’online support team.

Product compatibility

bpm'online sales commerce
bpm'online sales enterprise
7.8 and up

Tourism powered by bpm’online is compatible with bpm’online sales commerce and bpm’online sales enterprise.


Tourism Cloud (based on bpm'online sales commerce)
$ 410
user / year
Tourism Cloud (based on bpm'online sales enterprise)
$ 650
user / year
Tourism On-Site (based on bpm'online sales enterprise)
$ 920
/ user

Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.

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