Add new flavors to your bpm’online solution with apps and processes!

Connector to Webitel telephony

The bpm’online webitel call manager provides a complete set of tools to efficiently manage calls within the bpm’online system

Any VoIP connector for bpm’online

Add-on allows for connecting any IP PBX or IP-number to bpm’online

MS Outlook Connector

Work seamlessly with bpm’online from your email and calendar, which does not require an administrator. Office Add-in for Outlook 2013+ and Office 365

Field sales

Field sales management: a schedule of visits, field sales rules and order placement

Bpm'online pharma

Business Process Automation for the Pharmaceutical industry

Connector to Avaya telephony

Add-on to bpm’online to integrate with Avaya telephony

Connector to Asterisk telephony

Add-on to bpm’online to integrate with Asterisk telephony

TAPI connector to telephony

Add-on to bpm’online to integrate with TAPI telephony

Connector to Cisco Finesse telephony

Add-on to bpm’online to integrate with Cisco Finesse telephony

Connector to Cisco Enterprise telephony

Add-on to bpm’online to integrate with Cisco Enterprise

Travel agencies

Handling tourist interests and requests, managing SMS marketing, and company’s financial flows

Human resource management

A system specifically developed for HR departments to automate their work with candidates and vacancies

Warehouse management

Warehouse automation system, including barcode scanning support

Pawn stores management

Managing a complete lifecycle of a loan, a client’s history and “black lists” for pawn stores

Time management

Task management and performance control

Enhanced work with files online

Add-on for enhanced online viewing and editing files, search and version control

Document flow automation

Document flow automation on bpm’online platform and monitor of employees’ performance

Document scanning

Add-on allows for importing of data from scanned documents to bpm’online

Advertising agencies

Industry specific solution to automate business processes for advertising agencies and outdoor advertising

Law firms

Effectively manage the law firm of any size

SQL scripts console

Performing SQL scripts from bpm'online interface

Mobile Workplace

Integrated mobile workplace with secured Intranet/Internet browser, email, file access, built-in office tools etc.